Welcome to the BC Nature Viewing Guide, an initiative of BC Nature (The Federation of BC Naturalists).

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  3. Find a Nature Club Event: Start by clicking on the Find a BC Nature Club tab on the top menu above. In the map page that opens, find the map marker for the nature club at your desired location, click on the map marker and follow the links, to the website for that BC Nature Club.

This website has been prepared to help enrich your experience of traveling throughout British Columbia. It is planned to be helpful whether you are a visitor or a resident of the province.
This website is being built gradually, with more nature viewing sites being added from time to time. Our priority at the outset is to include sites with multiple nature features of interest, that are more easily accessible by vehicle, along main roads and highways; as well as including car & ferry routes; and nature hiking trails.

Start exploring by clicking on BC Nature Sites from the top menu for an interactive map of all of British Columbia.
Or, choose a smaller region of the province from the drop-down menu. Within each map, you can zoom out for context or zoom in to see individual nature viewing sites.

To suggest other nature viewing sites, corrections or comments:
please email billkinkaid at gmail dot com or krista dot coordinator at gmail dot com

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